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Musica Mundial Productions offers limited-release runs of AnnaMaria's music custom tailored to represent your organization that make ideal and appreciated client gifts. Depending on the size of the run, the album's graphics can be designed with your corporate logo or any other image you wish. Custom albums can be a very inexpensive investment and a very high-end gift. AnnaMaria's CD's are a valued item that your clients will keep and enjoy, creating a permanent reminder of your business relationship.

For large corporate events, Musica Mundial Productions will offer packaged pricing on AnnaMaria's performance and a run of custom albums as guest favors.

For more information, contact us at 1-877-983-6237.

The booklet that accompanies a CD can be a permanent brochure that reaches your clients on a daily basis. Every time the CD is handled, you company's graphics and text remind your niche clientele of your goals and objectives in a positive, soft-sell presentation. Statistics show that CD's are the most common items presented as gifts. Your message, coupled with strikingly beautiful classical Spanish guitar, creates a powerful public relations tool ideal for fundraising and for tokens of client appreciation that develop consumer loyalty.

Q: What are the advantages of a promotional CD versus a high-quality brochure?
A: Full-color brochures are very expensive to create and print. However, despite the expense and care taken in their development, most brochures inevitably end up in the trash. Brochures/booklets housed in a CD package are not discarded as they include, along with your public relations material, additional necessary information about the music selection listings. A welcome addition to your clients' musical library, let MMP's CD's become promotional albums for your public relations outreach.

Q: What are the advantages of CD's compared to advertisement in print media?
A: Print ads are very expensive and, like brochures, are eventually discarded, perhaps even more rapidly. CD's are kept and permanently elicit an appreciative response. This positive and powerful association of music with your company assures the longevity of your message.

Q: Isn't it difficult to create a promotional CD?
A: Working with MMP makes creating a promotional CD's easy and affordable. The process consists of selecting appropriate music, determining how much information you wish the CD booklet to contain, and providing or working with MMP to create the text and graphic layout desired to convey the right look and message for your objectives.